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Nurture Durham is a tutoring agency comprising the best tutors currently studying at Durham University whose goal is to get you results while nurturing your passion for learning. Our tutors are hand-picked to provide our tutees a learning environment they are comfortable working in.

At Nurture, we ensure our tutors are adaptable, understanding and bring the best out of our students. We believe that, to be the best, learning is vital, and this is true for not just you, but us too. Your feedback is the driving force behind our mission, with which we hold group and individual meetings in order to reflect on how to become more adaptable tutors.



Ashwin (Ash) Bhat


Nurture Durham was founded by Ashwin Bhat with the hope of providing his vision on education. Ash has a Masters degree in Mathematics from Durham University, and is currently doing his PhD in Maths at Birmingham University. He has been tutoring Maths since 2018, in turn helping dozens of students reach their full potential. He is a keen cricket player and artist.



At Nurture, we use the ABC method to ensure you get the perfect tailored experience from our tutors.


We carefully assign you one of our tutors picked specifically to be adaptable in their teaching style e.g. example-based, visual or conceptual learning.


In the first lesson we get to know you, your goals and how you like to learn. We believe that to bring the best out of you, the relationship built between the tutor and you is vital.


We are dedicated to become even better over time. Using your feedback and exam results, and collaborating as a tutor team, we hold meetings to learn from each other's experiences.

Pink Blossom
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