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  1. Apply here for a DBS certificate now if you haven't yet. You cannot start tutoring until you have one.

  2. Fill up the new tutors form.

  3. Download the Lark app on your laptop and phone. You can do this here. Create an account and then join the Nurture Durham team through this link.

  4. Go to Settings > Notifications and turn notifications on.

  5. IMPORTANT: Go to Settings > Video Meetings and turn on 'Automatic cloud recording for meetings' and 'Automatic cloud recording for AV calls'. This ensures you always have your lessons recorded for safeguarding, training and payroll. If you do not record a lesson, we cannot verify that the lesson happened.

  6. Send a message to the Nurture Durham chat on Lark introducing yourself. Don't be shy!

  7. Read our online safeguarding policy.

  8. Download and read through the Nurture Durham tutoring guide to understand the standard operating procedure. Keep it with you in case of any doubts while tutoring in the future.

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